Strategic Partners

NNSW Adventist Education

Strategic Partners

Being a BRIDGE is all about connections, about being a part of, not apart from, our communities. It also is about connections beyond ourselves that make as stronger, wiser, more focused and that increase our skill sets and achievement of mission and purpose.

Our strategic partners matter, because they are an extension of us and we thank them for not just what they do, but for who they are whilst they do it.

Tolhurst Creative is a multidisciplinary creative agency that specialises in visual communication through photography, film production, design and websites for educational organisations across Australia.

Consulting on many NNSW projects for well over 25 years, Stephen Rose Architects have been and are, a major cornerstone of the NNSW future focused building design and school site development.

After partnering with the team at Valley Planning only recently, already NNSW schools are reaping the benefits of the knowledge, expertise and advice of this local Hunter / Newcastle based group.

The Association of Independent Schools NSW is an integral support network and government interface for NNSW a schools. Based out of the Sydney CBD, this group of focused and committed professionals offer far ranging support services to the independent sector.

This collaborative support group, based out of Melbourne Victoria, provide advice and support to all Adventist schools across Australia and are heavily involved in the advertising of teaching roles inside NNSW schools.

This US based, but global reach, educational consultancy team are an integral element of the broader guidance and think tank landscape NNSW schools seek to gain wisdom from.

Data. In and of itself is powerful, but when combined with excellence in interpretation, presentation and predictive analysis, well, it is a powerful strategic tool. McCrindle sit as a market leader, as exceptional ‘way finders’ inside a complex world; and remain central to all NNSW future planning and strategic vision casting.

Adventist Schools

Our schools welcome students from all faiths and cultural backgrounds. While students are not required to attend church, students and their families are most welcome to worship with their local Adventist church at any time. Students have the option of joining a bible study group that is run by the school.


Adventist Education in north NSW operates ten schools and two early learning centres across NSW, ranging from the Central Coast in the south to the Tweed Valley in the north.