NNSW Adventist Education


BEYOND:now is the NNSW Education’s approach to contemporary learning and the search for tomorrow’s opportunities for our students’ … today. The philosophy is grounded in evidence based research and expansive future focused thinking and you can read more in the link below.

This ‘warehouse’ though stores the BEYOND:now projects, plans and products emerging from NNSW Education sites in both video, audio and written formats.

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connecting hearts

Connected in Christ

NNSW schools and pre-schools are certainly part of the greater Adventist church organisation in NNSW, but they are not a church. Rather, they are embedded professional community touch points, centers of influence, for the church.

Adventist education in NNSW is best seen as an expression of church mission, not a replication of church membership. 

Developing minds

The Why Made Real

Adventist education in NNSW began circa 1897 to meet the need of providing Adventist worldview schooling for Adventist families. This perceived need matured further across the ensuing decades to also identify preparing students to ‘go’ and fulfil the great commission of mission service, as an additional core reason for the school system’s existence. Today, Adventist Education in NNSW has developed even further to now be the literal embodiment of that sought-after mission field as is clearly seen in its enrolment.

Adventist Schools

Our schools welcome students from all faiths and cultural backgrounds. While students are not required to attend church, students and their families are most welcome to worship with their local Adventist church at any time. Students have the option of joining a bible study group that is run by the school.