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Primary & Secondary School Entry & Immunisation

NSW Government brochure (effective 1 April 2018): 

Cyber(Smart) Parents

"Many children as young as Year 4 are competent users of technology," says Greg Gebhart from Cybersafety.  Parents need to be informed to enable them to help their children manage this use of technology and to stay safe.  For tips on staying safe, it’s worth viewing the Cyber Smart website and encouraging your child to check out the kids and teen sections.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) aims to give children and their parents and carers sound advice on how to best manage on-line risks so their experiences are safe and positive.

Further information is available on the website:

Bullying - No Way!

The Bullying, No Way! website includes interactive applications, including a choose-your-own adventure game for students to learn how to deal with bullying, and videos for parents and students.

The site also includes information on:

  • helping your child if they are being bullied
  • identifying the signs that your child might be bullying others
  • getting help and support

Further information is available on the website:

NSW Curriculum and Education Information

NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) website:

Organising your Child for School

Organising your house and life for a smooth return to the routine of school:

Students with Special Needs

Information on ADD, ADHD. Autism, Gifted Learners, Learning English:

Understanding Mental Illness

A national initiative for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and postnatal depression: