North New South Wales Adventist Education

Adventist Education

Seventh-day Adventist Schools (North NSW) Ltd, a member of Adventist Schools Australia, manages the operation of ten schools and two Early Learning Centres within NSW. With more than 3900 students, we provide a network of resources to give each child a holistic education in an ideal Christian learning environment.  

Adventist School Australia serves the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church by providing strategic direction and support to 50 school campuses spread across Australia that are offering Christian education of the highest quality to 13,000 students.

Adventist education is built on the belief that each student is unique, and of immeasurable worth. It values the importance of systematic development of the whole person. At the heart of Adventist education is a belief that children achieve true growth when their mental, physical and spiritual needs are met.  Our schools uphold these beliefs and provide nurturing and caring learning environments where Christian values are upheld.  Students are encouraged to accept the concept of service as a principle of life; to be sensitive to the needs of people; and to become contributing members in their community.

Our schools welcome students from all faiths and cultural backgrounds.  While students are not required to attend church, students and their families are most welcome to worship with their local Adventist church at any time.  Students have the option of joining a bible study group that is run by the school.

Our teaching and faith values the family and promotes a respect for others and ourselves.  It is expected that these values and principles will be upheld by all students within our schools.  A high standard of conduct is expected both within and outside the school.

As Christian educators, time is devoted to worship and learning about the teachings of Jesus as outlined in the Bible.  All students will be involved in biblical studies classes which are part of the school curriculum, as well as participate in weekly chapel services and special weeks of spiritual focus.  Worship is a core component of our schools, and all students are encouraged to develop a relationship with Jesus.  Through worship and chapel programs, our schools aim to support families in raising responsible, mature and well-rounded children with a balance to their lives.