North New South Wales Adventist Education

About Us

Adventist Education in north NSW operates ten schools and two early learning centres across NSW, ranging from the Central Coast in the south to the Tweed Valley in the north.  Our schools consist of four primary schools, six K-12 schools.  We are a member of Adventist Schools Australia (ASA) as well as the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) of NSW, and we provide education to more than three and a half thousand students.

Our schools are registered and accredited by the NSW Board of Studies, the body that regulates all independent schools in NSW and prescribes the NSW Curriculum guidelines and outcomes.  Our schools support and exceed all the registration and accreditation standards set out by the NSW Board of Studies, as well as following all Federal Government guidelines. 

Students in our schools are offered an educational experience that aims to develop every aspect of their being to their full potential.  While each school has its distinct character, they do share common characteristics. They believe in an education that includes a program of strong academics, varied extracurricular options, intentional spiritual and emotional nurturing and service opportunities.  Students are actively engaged in education which is both relevant and useful as they prepare for life beyond their school years.  This kind of education can change students—and change their world through them.

Spirituality is core to each school community with staff members beginning their day in worship where they commit their day to God and pray as a team.  Students are also encouraged to start the day on a spiritual note as teachers lead their classes or role groups during devotional time each morning.  Prayer and development of a relationship with Jesus are an integral part of the school day on each campus.  

Our pastoral care programs work towards developing a sense of community and belonging.  Each school community provides a safe, nurturing and happy environment in which students and staff alike, demonstrate care, compassion, courtesy and respect for others.  Our chaplains provide spiritual and emotional support for students and are available to assist families as needed.

Our behaviour management is based on a restorative approach.  Our programs develop an understanding of ownership of both choices and consequences. Through these measures our schools are able to foster safe campuses that are supportive and inclusive.